Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blackberry SMS VCard Add-on v1.0 is launched

This blog will be the main support page for the Blackberry SMS VCard Add-on.

The Blackberry SMS VCard Add-on is a Blackberry add-on that enables Blackberry users to import and send contacts using the same SMS protocol as Nokia.

Our target was to create the most simple application that will fit the existing Blackberry menus and way of operation with minimal intrusion and overhead.

The Blackberry users will notice two new menus that will enable them to import an SMS to the contact list and to send a contact as SMS:

The application is well integrated in the system, starts automatically and does not show in the task manager or applications menu. Users will notice it only in the Advanced Setup list of applications.

The SMS VCard Addon is available through the Mobihand shop : .

All news, tutorials and version upgrades will be published in this blog, so if you are interested in our application, bookmark it in your RSS reader.

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