Friday, March 12, 2010

Interested in trying our app and telling your friends about it?

For all of you that are looking to try SMS Vcard Add-on and write a review on your blog, twit or facebook page (or on other personal or business page) write us in and tell us why you think it would be interesting and you will receive a free promo code. We are looking forward to your messages! Just leave your comment on our blog.

Below is a short summary of what the Blackberry SMS Vcard Add-on features, just for you to know what to expect.

SMS Vcard Add-on features:

1. Receive and send Vcards by SMS between Blackberry and Nokia (as well as other phone brands that recognize SMS Vcards).

2. Import the received Vcard easily, with all contacts field.

3. Blackberry users can exchange Vcards by SMS if both parties have the SMS Vcard Add-on installed.

4. Send Vcards by SMS to numbers that are not saved as contact in your agenda.

5. Choose the phone number to which you plan to send the Vcard and the number you want to send (if there are more than one phone numbers in your chosen contacts).

6. Recognition of different language characters used in contacts.

7. Basic help window.

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